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Our Strategy
SMARTS P.C. is a new venture in the field of information and communication technologies and more specifically in the field of smart device software development. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, in combination with their years of relative experience as well as the rapid development of the specific field, has been the stimulus for the realization of SMARTS P.C.. Our innovation strategy focuses on state of the art development methodologies and technologies in order to produce quality applications for smart devices.
Aligning with the market demands, main goal of the company is the design of high quality products and the provision of specialized services, centered on innovative and fascinating ideas. By placing emphasis on industrial research and capitalizing on emerging technologies, while balancing between effectiveness and cost, the company delivers products both for the Greek as well as for the international market. Our personnel’s wide expertise comprises the main competitive advantage of the company and thus our strong intention is to continuously invest on extending the capabilities and skills of our human resources.
Overall, the keynote ingredients of SMARTS P.C. are the following:

  • High quality services
  • Meeting expectations - customer requirements with timely solutions that integrate state of the art technologies
  • Formation and development of long-term relationships with customers, yet open to new business opportunities
  • Balancing between efficiency and cost
  • Continuous exchange of know-how between our personnel and our customers
  • Guaranteeing maximum deliverables transparency and clarity for our customers
  • Endless upgrading of our know-how and continuous adoption of new knowledge
  • Working on the basis of a high sense of responsibility and investing in strong team spirit.
  • Employing skills and knowledge to deliver the finest products

Actions and sectors
With respect to the EITO national organization codification our services can be classified accordingly:

  • Development of software products
    • Smart devices applications
    • Next generation converged Communication applications
  • Informatics Services
    • Consultant ICT Services
    • Value Added Services Mediation Platforms
  • Digital Marketing Services
    • Digital Marketing Consultant Services
    • Mobile Marketing & Advertisement Services
    • Digital content distribution
The entrepreneurial sectors that company is interested are the following:
  • Public Sector
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Services

Quality assurance
SMARTS P.C. is a member of the Geniko Emporiko Mitroo – G.E.MI.
Consistently providing high-quality services and applications, SMARTS P.C., since its foundation, employs and enforces Quality Management Systems (QMS), based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards, on every aspect of the company’s operations and activities.
In terms of specific operations and always in accordance with its ISO certificates, SMARTS P.C. utilizes the PRINCE2 methodology, which is considered the de-facto standard for project management purposes in most European countries and is practiced worldwide. Moreover, SMARTS P.C. has adopted the Scrum-Agile methodology for rapid software development.

People in SMARTS P.C. are considered as the key-factor for the company’s evolution, prosperity and future as a whole. In that respect, the constant satisfaction of individual ambitions and the dynamic development of long-term relationships with all of our partners, while acknowledging and respecting the personality and value of each of our people, is a non-negotiable characteristic of our operation as a company.
In the same spirit we encourage initiative, critical thought and decision making. We promote cooperation, solidarity and prize creativity based on an evaluation system of meritocracy.
Moreover, SMARTS P.C. offers a pleasant, ergonomic and healthy working environment.
We offer continuous training and education programs adjusted to the particular needs of the company and the personal ambitions of our personnel.
As we strongly believe in equal opportunities in employment, as defined in the EU legislation, the Human Resources department receives, archives and evaluates all curriculum vitae and relevant applications for existing or future job vacancies in all sectors.
Any job bears a relevant profile according to the employment sector and the experience and/or education required. Such employment profile must be referred to in all applications. Applicants may send their CV by email, fax or post to the attention of Mr. K.Mantes (kmantes (at) smarts .com .gr).
Apart from typical employment opportunities, the company is in position to offer cooperation to university or technical school students, in the context of their dissertations or internships.

Company Title: SMARTS P.C.
Year Founded:
ISO certifications:
9001, 27001, IQ Net 27001
EL 800538465
TAX Office:
G.Genimata 13, 351 00 Lamia, Greece
+ 30 2231 0 20006
+ 30 2231 0 20006
info (at) smarts .com .gr
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