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Description :

The application SmartSafe&Sound while working silently (in the background), provides the capability to alert contact-persons (selected by the user), with text, sound and / or video using different modes (SMS, e-mail).

Notifications are sent after a user action (giving a voice command, pressing a button, shaking the device), or whenever the application finds out that a certain activation condition is met (timer, inability to answer a question of the device).

Target Group :

For the student, driver, elderly people, for the whole family and for everybody that need safety!

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Features :

Triggering of an alert to select contacts by shake, voice command or button.

Personal voice command recording.

Location data along with audio/video files included in alerts.

Time mode with repetitive control features.

Fake call feature.

Background operation.

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Below are FAQ & explanation Videos for the SmartSafe&Sound App:

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